The interfaces of the SMGW

The SMGW is the interface between the smart meters (current, gas, water) within the building and the gateway administrator (GWA).


The collected and encrypted data will be transmitted to entitled market participants. Therefore the GWA configurates the SMGW with appropriate profiles. In addition, the smart meter gateway provides its encrypted data directly to the end customer via the HAN interface (Home Area Network). Consumers and feeders, such as photovoltaic systems from energy providers, can be controlled via the HAN-CLS (controllable local services) interface.

Value-added services

The devolo SMGWplus provides considerably more than required by law. The BSI and FNN compliant device is ready for value-added services from the moment it leaves the factory. Additional services can be loaded later as an app, which means they can be offered to end customers individually.


The measuring point operator creates the conditions for attractive value-added services through the use of the smart meter gateway and its added-value service capability. This makes it possible to use existing, highly secure communication infrastructure for additional purposes. The measuring point operator can decide independently whether or not to offer value-added services or require external market participants to pay a service fee for provision of the infrastructure.


More information about value-added services can be found at the company website of our partner Kiwigrid.


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